CP Emails

Hey there! This page contains all of the Emails i have sent to Club Penguin. They are mainly general questions about CP ! Also i have added their responses! Enjoy!

 Hi there! I was looking in the new June Clothing Catalog and tried to
purchase some items but a message came up saying they do not exist. The
items were the Flippers, Grass Skirt and the Divers Helmet. Why is this


Thank you for writing in. We are aware there were some items which
appeared to ‘not exist’ in the newest catalog. Thank you for bringing this
to our attention; we fixed the problem and all items should be
available now! Thank you for your patience.

Have a great day.

Club Penguin Support

Hey there! I have a simple request for you! With the re-release of the
Headphones could you make a DJ dance for them which you could use at
the Night Club and your own igloo! It would be great! Also a question for
you! Will the member party next weekend be in The Cove which is the new
room and members get access a couple of days earlier than Non-Members?
Thanks a lot!
Dear Alec,

Thank you for your email. Your idea for the DJ dance sounds really
great and would definitely be a nice touch to a headphone and mixing table
set up in anyone’s igloo! That said, it will be considered, however, I
am unable to promise anything beyond this. 

As for the party, you will have to wait and see what we have planned
for all the members out there. For more information, keep your eyes on
‘The Penguin Times’ and the ‘What’s New’ section of the Club Penguin home

If you have any other questions or concerns, please  feel free to email
back at any time.


Jared P
Club Penguin Support
Hi there! I just have on important question for you: Is the Ice castle
igloo bigger and has more space than the Split Level Igloo? Because i
have the Split level and i am running out of space for all of my items!
Club penguin rocks! Thanks! 


Thanks for the email. I am completely sure of the reasoning behind
putting the piano and coat rack back in the igloo catalog, but perhaps a
lot of penguins had been asking our development team to put it back in.
As well, these items fit well with the new theme, so we decided to put
them back in!

Regarding your question about the Ice Castle being bigger than the
Split Level Igloo, it all depends on what you are trying to do. Overall,
the Split Level Igloo has the capacity to have two cool areas, but the
Ice Castle is one big area that holds more furniture. I hope this helps
you fit all your furniture in your igloo!

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to email
us back, and we will be more than happy to assist. Have a great day!


Club Penguin Support 

Hi there! I have just discovered something cool on Club Penguin. I am a
secret agent and i opened up my spy phone and noticed that there are
two beaches, one is with the lighthouse and the other is currently full.
Are there people in there or have you just shut it off for now? 


Thank you for your email.  I’m afraid there is no extra information
regarding the beach that isn’t already in the newspaper or at the 
“What’s New” section of the Club Penguin website.  Be sure to check
those references frequently (the newspaper is new every Thursday) for any
new information.  We are currently working on the beach glitch related
to the spy phone; we apologize for the inconvenience.  Please let me
know if there is anything else I can help you with.

Have a great day,

Club Penguin Support

Hey There! I read on a website that you can actually tip the Dock Boat
with 25 people dancing on it. The prize for tipping it is 4000 coins
and a red cape. Is this actually true?


Thank you for your email.

Although I have never seen the boat tip myself, it doesn’t mean that it
can’t be. There are many unanswered mysteries here at Club Penguin, and
any information surrounding these mysteries is completely confidential.
If you find anything out please let us know. 


Club Penguin Support

Hey there! Could you please tell me once and for all can you actually
TIP the iceberg! I have seen a photo of someone actually tipping it and
getting a congratulations from Aunt Artic and a prize. They said to me
you have to be the only person on the iceberg dancing or drilling and
wait for 1 hour. I have tried this 2 times and it did not tip! Please
could you confirm if you Can tip it and How To! Thank You! 
Hello Alec,

Thank you for your email. As far as we know the iceberg has never
tipped. We do not know of any special procedure that tips the iceberg. We
apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you. 

If you have any further questions please let us know. We are here to

Have a great day!

Club Penguin Support
Hi there! I love Club Penguin but sometimes the secrets are hard to
find. Please could you answer once and for all, ARE THERE NINJAS? If there
is could you tell me how to become one please. Apparently you have to
be 310 days old and wait for 30 minutes in the dojo not speaking or
moving, the 3 penguins appear asking if you want to be a ninja. i have
tried this 4 times and it hasnt worked. Is the tip true or fake. Thanks!

Thanks for the email!

Unfortunately, at this time there are no ninjas on Club Penguin.  Be
sure to read the newspaper to find out when all of the new items and
updates are going to be coming out.  If there are ninjas coming to CP,
there will definitely be an article about it!

There are many other exciting events and ideas that are soon to be
released on Club Penguin, so keep your eyes open for them!  Two of the best
ways to be aware of up coming events and ideas are to read the weekly
Penguin Times every Thursday, and to check the ‘What’s New’ section on
the main Club Penguin website.

Please feel free to reply with any further questions or concerns that
you may have!


Club Penguin Support

Hey there! Congratulations on the deal you made with  Disney! I hope
this makes Club Penguin even better in the future! Although i recently
saw a photo of Lane Merrifield holding a Penguin Teddy! I think they are
really cool and you should sell them on the Official shop! also does
Lane have his own penguin? Is it possibly BillyBob? Finally please please
could you make a Mickey Ears as a Hat Item for our penguins! Everyone
really wants one! Best of luck for the future! Alec 


Thanks, we appreciate your support in the decisions we’ve made. We’re
very excited about the prospects that Disney has opened for us. It would
be really cool to have a plush penguin, wouldn’t it? We’ll have to
see, as we are not allowed to discuss upcoming merchandise. Of course Lane
has his own penguin, but just like all of us here at Club Penguin, his
penguin name must remain a secret. 

A Mickey Ears hat would be pretty funny-looking on a penguin, so I’ll
make sure I pass that idea along. We hope you continue to enjoy your
time on Club Penguin. Please let us know if you have any other questions
or suggestions. 

Have a great day!

Club Penguin Support


27 Responses to “CP Emails”

  1. lol mine are like cool anserws my cuzin works for cp he sed the will be ninjas and soon there will be a yellow puffle

  2. how can you work for clubpenguin

  3. You can work for CP by applying for a job interview but you have to live and work where they are!

  4. what is the email addres for club penguin support. i have a question plz tell me soon

  5. To email Club Penguin click on this link!
    It is very simple!

  6. Hey thanks Ali233! I have now got you on my blogroll and hopefully this will get my site up and running! Thank-you so much. You are the best! http://www.aguair.wordpress.com

  7. I am a tour guide now! but I’ve seen many penguins
    hold up a tour guide sign…. that reads “Tours Here”
    I’ve asked but no one answers. How do you do it?

    P.s i really need to know!!!

  8. WAVE TO PUT UP A TOUR SIGN. :mregreen:

  9. its :mrgreen:


    Sum1 has the same name as me!

  11. hey u know the surf borads, i sent them a email asking for surf boards and sledges for the mini games and they used the surf board one! i was soooo chuffed!!!!!

  12. did you know that you get 40000 coins if you go to the website

  13. Hi Club Penguin Team I really think you rock I love the wrist band from the book shop and i Shiny Miley LOVE club penguin I know everything to help people with it!

  14. my name is alec!!

  15. hi, lucky for me i live in canada alberta, so maybe i’ll move to b.c and become a moderator, im only 13 right now, and i like ya site, im adding you to me blogroll anyways bye
    its http://www.bluesoulxo.wordpress.com, and my penguin is bluesoulxo

  16. Rock hopper can we be friends?

  17. You never wrote to me back why?

    P.S.Please write me back.

  18. I have a penguin named dadiesgrl and im not a member but whhy cant you alow penguins that arent members to get clothes and cool iglus and 12 puffles so im relly angrey and mad!!!! ☹

  19. i relly dont like none members to be treated bad so STOP PLZ

  20. If your a non-member then hwy not join a team about members and non-members?

  21. please be no members to buy member stuff.

  22. ya know the dance floor in the flooring catolags? i sent the idea for that! and that probanly why they made the lights and turn tabls come out i made a mojor changein cp!

  23. Weird letters…
    oh hey u no the one about the boat, well i find it so F***ING STUPID (scuse my french) THAT THEY JUST AWNSER: i do not no i fthis is true or not! OR WHAT EVER THEY F***…. sorry, OR WHAT EVER THEY STUPIDLY SAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    😦 ( i dont no how to do angry)

  24. P.s sorry about the swearing!

  25. Very interesting…

    Check out my site: http://zud3652.wordpress.com

  26. How did you capture the pictures from the club penguin web site?


  27. The club penguin team is kewlona check the thing when you get your penguin and scroll down it says kewlona! duh! I thought everybody knew that!

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