Hey Everyone!

Well, a lot of things i have to say today. My penguin Ali 233 is now a non member, his membership expired a couple of weeks ago now and i can’t be bothered to renew it. Lots of fun stuff has been happening on CP but its a shame i never posted about them. Disney certainly has changed CP forever.

School has been interesting I suppose. Did my SATS ages ago and did them without revising just like any normal test i do. Start my GCSE’s in September. This is what im doing:

1. German ( Forced to do it)

2. Latin (Interesting subject)

3. Business Studies ( My future job!)

4. History ( Really interesting and fun)

5. Religious Studies ( Top of the class)

School isnt over yet!!!!! Im also attending the British Motor Show at the Excel on July 27 , just thought you should know im a Car fanatic. This Summer should be boring! Im on holiday for all of August. Gone to the Phillipines for 4 weeks of boredom!!!!!! Then to Hong Kong for a week!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!! Im GUNNA GET A PS3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im looking forward to that. Anyways have a good summer everybody!


~ by ali233 on July 4, 2008.

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