One more reason to why I quit.

I quit because hardly anyone appreciated me posting about CP. Only my friends did but id like more people to comment on my posts saying thanks or sumthing but i hardly ever got that from people except from Friends again.


~ by ali233 on April 14, 2008.

12 Responses to “One more reason to why I quit.”

  1. What? Don’t quit now! Think of all of the people that have visited! The work you put in! People were just afraid (or too jealous) to say thanks! Come on, don’t quit!

  2. 😦
    C’me on Ali! Everyone appreciated it!
    Think, why would someone visit your site if he didn’t wanted to see your posts or thaught that it is rubish?

  3. :O

  4. :0

  5. Why do you have to quit?
    I rarely get visitors and I haven’t quit!

  6. I get on this website everyday I just never comment

  7. Hey, I JUST have gone to ur site today, and it’s GREAT! The funny pics, the cheats! I’m i little jealos myself! *Wink* DON’T QUIT!!!

  8. dude i apreciate it and come on man if u want to help me ban someone who got u mad send a comment with you password to

  9. Please don’t quit. I justcame here for the first time and your site is great! I have a site too.

  10. Bye:(:(

  11. bye by 😦

  12. That is true.
    We don’t care!

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