I quit!

Simple as that. Blogging about CP has become so boring now. I just know i wont have time to post anymore with games like GTA IV and rock band coming up soon on the Xbox 360. It was nice knowing all of you , ive made a lot of friends. I wont delete my blog though as id like to look at it as a reminder. I’ll still go on cp on fridays for about 10 mins to see whats new but you will probably never see me as i go on the empty servers.Anyways its been great and its for definite and nothing will change my mind. i wont comment back to any of your comments anymore , its as simple as that. Farewell everyone ,

ALI 233 is signing out.


~ by ali233 on April 11, 2008.

8 Responses to “I quit!”

  1. Holla!

    Dude! Just change your blog to a GTA IV blog or something! Or maybe a life blog, maybe an XBOX Fan Club.

    You have talent man!

    If not, you will always be the person I remember for gettign my blog up & running. It’s a shame ot lose you.


  2. Good Luck!!

  3. Gd luck in lyf dude u have been a wonderfull frend 😦 i will miss u , ur like my bro:(

  4. Hola!

    NO! Dont dude even if Arsenal Suck! You Rock! Please man!

    Waddle off!

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  6. I am soo sad to hear that Ali…
    I will never forget you!

  7. NOOO why are so many ppl quitting?

  8. We’ll ALL miss you. I know you have a life at home and more important things, but can’t you do an update like every month or 2 months? You have a talent.

    Heather or Hapy Bunny

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