So Many Rare Items!

Today isnt a good day for rare penguins like me. In  the new clothing catalogue , they released a total of 11 items!!!!!! The Ties section is pretty cool but i have only three ties to buy!



~ by ali233 on April 4, 2008.

8 Responses to “So Many Rare Items!”

  1. My favourite tie is the red and yellow one, what’s yours?

  2. lol
    In a couple of months rare penguins will become newbies…
    Disney is planning something evil 👿 ¬¬

    Keep cool!

  3. I agree with coolpengu. Disney is taking over EVERYTHING.
    ~Dljs 8)

  4. Cool post ali233
    comment back


  5. visit this awsomest site is the world well i think plus it maybe better than watex’s serios!!!check it out!!!this isant even my site!
    P.S. comment there sometimes toyour site also rocks!!!

  6. hey there im a rare penguin too its awesome everyone i know worships me 🙂

  7. could you maybe SHIOW where the items are instead of just showing us the front of the catolog book!

    do you have a fricken brain! sheesh!

  8. […] So Many Rare Items! […]

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