Clothing Catalogue and Wig Catalogue!

Hey everyone! Sorry i havent been posting for a while. The there are 2 new catalogues in CP!



Also there is a new game coming on CP! I think it will be in a book!


~ by ali233 on March 7, 2008.

13 Responses to “Clothing Catalogue and Wig Catalogue!”

  1. a book is not a game lol. But its still looks like a book, maybe with some activities in it!

  2. It will be surely a babies colouring book…
    rubish… lol
    And you havent connected to MSN never.. lol
    Where do you live Ali? maybe when it is early in the UK, it is late in ur conutry…. lol
    Welll ,take care

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  4. Im banned forever ='(

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  6. Holla!

    Where are you, Ali?


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  8. where are u???????????????????

  9. please visit!!

  10. Youtube search Cag97!

  11. cool site!

  12. Are you dead Ali?

  13. ARE U DEAD?????

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