Aqua Grabber finally released!

Hey guys! After a series of bugs and delays it was released. And the controls are horrible!!! They are really hard and frustrating!! Although I did complete the game on my first go!! It was pretty easy! i cant beleive it was called the Aqua Grabber!! i liked Deep Sea Salvage. Its an alright game I suppose. Heres a pic:



And theres a really cool prize if you win! A special Golden Wheel Pin!!!


Heres me wearing the pin.



~ by ali233 on February 20, 2008.

11 Responses to “Aqua Grabber finally released!”

  1. Lol! The game took me half an hour! it’s not worth the pin or the money! I mean in four minutes, you could get 450 coins in cat surfer! lol

    See you around!

    ~ Tylerhere07 8)

  2. *cart surfer 😉

  3. Nice post!

  4. oh yeah, cool post! 😉

  5. Nice post ali! Keep it up =)

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  8. Does my comments go on spam? If it doesent im happy =D

  9. Yey i can finally comment wooohoo!

  10. have a nice day ali!

  11. also come to my bribble to chat ;p

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