Im bored people.

Hey everyone. People that blog about CP will soon realise it can get boring. People complain how  I dont post as much as other people that i know but ive just got to say  theres not a lot to post about , sometimes i cant be bothered to post about  stuff. It isnt that interesting anymore. NO IM NOT QUITTING. I will still post about whats happening in CP! But i will definitely post more about what ive been doing and not whats going on CP. Theres going to be a more of My Life posts. I will post about me occasionally so this blog doesnt get boring.

 MY Life on 12th February

Well as most of you know , its HALF TERM! So i have been going out doing much more stuff than i usually do. Also i have Cricket every Saturday morning just to let you know.

I have been playing on my Xbox 360 (got 1 for my bday) quite a lot. I play for hours on end. Here is my gamertag. 

I play Halo 3 ( completed it in 5 days so i play online) and Assassins Creed ( still playing). I also have Forza Motorsport 2 and PGR4 and Bioshock!

360fob-1.jpg acxbox.jpg boxshot_us_large.jpg forza2_bfront.jpg halo3_legendary.jpg 

Most of you probably dont know im a Halo lover! I got the Halo 3 Legendary Edition for my Birthday. Ive got so much Halo stuff as well! I completed it in 5 days whch im proud of. Also when i got my old Xbox i completed Halo and Halo 2 in a matter of days. If anyone wants to play add me on Xbox Live.

So thats my fist of My Life posts i hope you enjoyed it.


~ by ali233 on February 12, 2008.

3 Responses to “Im bored people.”

  1. Cool! I love halo 3! It is violent and educative (more violent though) lol
    And about posting, you should post personal things because it is MUUCH more interesting that CP…

  2. And i still dont know your MSN 😦
    Add me someday….
    You are the same age as i am! 13!

  3. Holla!

    I have a lot to say right now, and it is very urgent and important! Go to for some extremely important news!!


    [ ]

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