New Superhero Play!

Hey guys! Today the really cool Superhero Play was released! We all were expecting it!


The Stage which was set up is really cool!


You can play around with stunts and extras on the Switchbox 3000!


The Catalgoue is really cool! My faves are the Masks!


There are now 2 new Waves in Club Penguin! Enjoy the play guys!



~ by ali233 on January 11, 2008.

10 Responses to “New Superhero Play!”

  1. Holla!

    Great post 😉 And what do you mean!


  2. thx for the info. yeah i kinda thought you meant aguair.

  3. Hey ali! Nice post it rocks =)
    Please comment on mine if u have time 😉

  4. do u read my comments? LOL

  5. Holla!

    I might open up Dream Penguins and an Animation shop :mrgreen: More info on my site!


    Aguair’s site

  6. Guys, read this! Coop024 needs hits! are else he will Quit club penguin
    heyy everybody Cp is getting really boring and kids my age 11-12-13 have better thing’s to do wordpress and club-penguin takes up to much time theres better things for boys my age to be thinking about, school homework (girls). so im QUTIING Club-Penguin and wordpress if we dont get 4,000 hit’s by Friday january 25th 2007 (my party date) ill be QUITTING Club-Penguin and wordpress, forever SO YOU BETTER POST ABOT ME AND TELL PEOPLE TO GET HIT’S oR ELSE IM GONE forM club penguin forever!!!
    So go on his site now!!!!!

  7. Hey Ali, long time no see! Wanna come to my 365 days old party? it’s at mammoth, my igloo, 9:00am (CP time) fancy coming?
    Hope you can come!

    P.S. PARTY ON!!!

  8. ali, why did you delete me off your blogroll?

    i still have you on mine

    P.S. please leave your response on my site again 🙂

  9. Hola!

    i know its VERY imberising to wear GIRLS stuff and were them when your a boy…


  10. i thought it was a party that gave away the superhero costumes DAMN

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