Clothing Catalogue,50th Pin,Wigs and the Aguair Business!

Hey guys sorry for not posting in a while! Anyways as you might know over the couple past days , one of my great friends Aguair was hit by a car and fell to a coma as told by Giby01. Well i yesterday i had heard that Aguair was hacked by a loser who lied about the whole thing. But now this stupid idiot has deleted Aguairs great blog. I just hope that he creates a new one , Aguair if you’re reading this please i need to talk to you when you are better.


Anyways back to CP! The New Clothing Catalogue came out!!  Its filled with some cool stuff like the Black Hoodie but I Really like the new green hoodie!!


And 2 New wigs were added to the Wig Catalogue! They’re all right!


Wow Club Penguin has hidden its 50th Pin!! get it while you can its gonna be a Rare one! Its a Snowshovel and is located in the Boiler room!



~ by ali233 on January 4, 2008.

4 Responses to “Clothing Catalogue,50th Pin,Wigs and the Aguair Business!”

  1. I hope he gets better soon, and that loser will pay! 😡

  2. hey ali, nice post and saw ya today =)
    pls comment on my site 😉

  3. Holla!

    Guys, Im fine! What happened was that the hacker saw i was going away, then decided to be smart and say I was in a coma. I had high feelings he was going to make people think iwas lying, then make everyone hate me. Luckily I got home early from my aunts and told the people. Then not many people believed me. I decided to delete my blog, in the spur of the moment. Don’t ask, It was like a mini mental-breakdown; seriously.

    Well, I would appreciate if you could add to your blogroll Ali! Thank-you so much, you have been there for me forever. Don’t worry, I am planning something for you 😉


  4. oh…

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