New Years Surprise (but nothing for us oldies)

Hey guys! Christmas is tommorow! Yay! Have a good one! Anyways CP have brought back the Christams Scarf! Its located at the Ski Village and make sure you get it becuase it wont come back for a while! But there is nothing new for us old penguins! ah well!



~ by ali233 on December 24, 2007.

7 Responses to “New Years Surprise (but nothing for us oldies)”

  1. sup ali

    why haven’t you been responding to my comments?

  2. Holla!
    Yes, I hope you have a VERY MERRY Christmas!
    Hope you got all you asked for, and your happy the whole way through!

  3. im late 😦 , merry xmas anyways XP

  4. Hi i like a lot your site! You are very cool!
    Would you comment on mine please?


  5. Hey Ali1
    Merry christmas!
    and a happy new year
    plus the fireworks r out on cp!

  6. hola! Can you please comment on my site
    I will comment on urs alot if you do 😉
    Thanks very much =)

  7. ur ryt i m 365 days old today

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