Christmas Party!!!

Hey everybody!! The Christams Party is upon us! This is one of the best decorated i’ve ever seen but nothing beats the Halloween Party!! There are 2 Free Items , 1 Old and 1 New! The First is the Famous Santa Hat which is at the Snow Forts:


The Reindeer Hats at the Dock:


The New Pin is a Wreath and is Located in the Attic of the Lodge:


There are so many fun things you can do with the decorations, try some out. Here are some of the BEST DECORATED ROOMS:







Have a good Christmas!


~ by ali233 on December 21, 2007.

4 Responses to “Christmas Party!!!”

  1. Holla!

    lol, bagsy me being rudolph!

    Make sure to vote on THE NEW penguin of the week;
    Info on my site;

    Comment back please 😉 Click my name :mrgreen:


  2. Cool info… it blinds me too!! My fav room is the nightclub – best… music… ever!!


  3. Lol. It stinks that the brought back the Santa Hat.

  4. lol boopy

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