Yellow Puffle!!!!!!!

Hi everyone!! The Yellow Puffle has finally been released!! I like them!! You can get yours now at the Puffle Shop in the Plaza!! Heres the page in the catalogue:


I bought one (obviously) and named it Clarkson! Check out the Yellow Puffles moves as well they are awesome!!!



~ by ali233 on November 30, 2007.

8 Responses to “Yellow Puffle!!!!!!!”

  1. danish kaneria play for essex !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg he is such a cool spinner but not a good batsman u r lucky i havent seen any crciket player:( and by the way i m going to join pakistani team after three years 😀

  2. Hi everybody. Please go to my site, it is always updated very quickly and always has screenshots. There is a page where YOU CAN ASK ME ANY QUESTION ABOUT CP AND GET AN ANSWEAR IN 24 HOURS. We have downloadable CP cursors, game instructions,mission instructions and so much more. You can even download all the room, game, party, and igloo music. Just take a look when you have a min.

  3. i cant make u pixel penguinns now cause i m in cafe i will make it after 2 days


    P: cp

    start posting on this public tumblog!!

  5. Hola i no ur famous but i forgot to add u to the poll


  6. i have lots of yellow puffles at home and they are always happy.

  7. Holla!


    Yoy got ‘What’s that item’ wrong.

    Try again =)


  8. hey ali, im leaving soon so comment on my site for some words before i go camping! Thanks!

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