Western Party!

Hi guys! bit gutted that the sports party didnt win but  i liked the Western Party last year. There are 3 Free Items so far:

The RARE Western Bandana:


The Stagecoach Background: 


The Western Sunset Background:


Billybob announced that they will probably add more stuff! Maybe like the Lasso or the Western Cowboy Boots! The New Pin came out today! Its a Needle and is located at the Cove!


Here are some of the rooms from the party!





~ by ali233 on November 23, 2007.

8 Responses to “Western Party!”

  1. nice post!

  2. hey cool post and awesome site! :mrgreen:
    I have a site if you wanna check it out 😉

  3. Nice post, Nice site. 😀

  4. Hey Everyone!

    There’s this really neat survey made by the actual makers of Club Penguin!! Here is the link:


    PS it was made by rsnail. he used this program called Poll Daddy.

    PSS this is an official Club Penguin© survey.

  5. hey england won the bradford & bingley series congratz :mrgreen:

  6. what server do u go on?

  7. ali how do you crop your pics of CP??? im blogging at wordpress and when i put pics up they have remaining white stuff(form paint) on the bottom.

  8. hey ali i m sure england with break pakistan in odi series pakistan is getting weaker and weaker and now 5 fast bowlers are injured :mrgreen:

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