Theatre(Cinema) updated!

Hi i have just noticed that the New Theatre Construction has been updated! Also if you hover over the door it makes a cool BEEP sound that you like  get in shops! I noticed that if you look closely there is a gap for like Ticket Collection. Also try and spot something in the Pic that now shows up every 15 minutes!



~ by ali233 on November 9, 2007.

12 Responses to “Theatre(Cinema) updated!”


  2. Ali Its me Tylanator99! I was surfin’ the Internet when I came across a real, full-working member account on CP! Here is the Username and Password:

    Name: Tuyg

    Password: purple

    There’s another account that even has the Wizard Hat from ’06 but is not a member:

    Name: Mufcpenguin7

    Password: spongebob

    Both accounts have Safe Chat enabled, since they were publicly released online. Tuyg’s membership expires in December.



  3. Hello,
    I’m Clay Aichen,
    I own a site called
    I own videos at
    I have another site called
    Why 1234nich because thats is my old penguin!
    see you sometime on clubpenguin!

  4. hey ali, why are u always sad on cp ?

  5. hey ali233 you said you need too trade lol you ,have a wordpress!

  6. Holla!

    HIS PENGUINS IS ALI 233 not ALI233.
    ALI 233 with a space is him!
    ALI233 is an imposter!


  7. hey ali. it’s superslug

    I was just wonderin’ why you haven’t been responding to some of the comments i leave you

    And i still nedd to get you on my penguins buddy list

    so, please post a time (club penguin time only) and a server+ what day

  8. P.S. on my site 8)


  9. :O my buddy is ali233 aaaaaaaaaaaah!

  10. then ali233 was my buddy for ages, i removed him now i thought it was u 😦

  11. so cool luv ur site

  12. hey
    i noe tuyg
    NOW shes banned bcos of ur dumb site!
    and she was my only member penguin i had ffound ont the net
    thx alot whoeverf banned her!

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