Candy Necklace, Lollipop and Paddle Ball Toy!

Hey guys! Today 3 new items came out! They are the really cool Candy Necklace, Paddle Ball toy and the hidden Lollipop. Heres a pic:3-new-items.PNG 

To get the Lollipop buy all of the items and re-open the catalogue. Click for  rope and press on it! You will then have to buy it! Also with the Paddle Ball toy there is a new wave! Heres a pic:



~ by ali233 on September 26, 2007.

6 Responses to “Candy Necklace, Lollipop and Paddle Ball Toy!”

  1. yes, i finally got a lollipop… oh and to paddle you can leave clothes on.

  2. Hi, can u tell me how do u paddle? i already buy the paddle ball! 😀

  3. You just have to wave! Its simple!

  4. Can you still get that stuff on Oct.28 2007 bc i like never get on clubpenguin bc i get on VMK and toontown. Disney fans should play VMK (virtual magic kingdom) bc its like AWESOME!!! And Btw toontown is FREEEEEEE!!!!!

  5. Oops i mean Oct.27 in my other message!!

  6. czpqyexlk ipenfxm hdieg galbm vmlic zywxmaol epwuas

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