New Game Name,Paper and Box opened!

Hi penguins! The New paper came out today! Billybob also revealed a little about the new naming of the Game Ballistic Biscuit due to the new wakeboards! There is a poll to decide what name you want inside the paper,here are the options:new-name.png 

They also say that a penguin accidently opened one of Rockhoppers cargoes boxes! He is holding a party at the end of September! I cant wait! If you go to the Lighthouse and click on the box it will open a little bit! Heres a pic:


Here is the upcoming events:



~ by ali233 on September 6, 2007.

One Response to “New Game Name,Paper and Box opened!”

  1. Holla!
    It’s Ag!
    Dude, Why did you call your site, Club Penguin Pics, when you don’t even have a funny pics page? 😆 But Dumb! 😆 Joke.

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