Finally a Sports Catalogue!

My Dream came true! I have always wanted a Sports Catalogue to come out! I absolutely love sports! Most of the Items i already had as they are old but i love the new Surfboards and wakeboards! You can use them for Surfing and Ballistic Biscuit! The Pink and Green caps are quite rare so get them when you have the chance! Here is the new looking Sports Shop:sports-shop.png 

Here is the new Catalogue: 


There is one Secret in the Catalogue! It is the Silver Surfboard! To get it click on the Penguin until he is holding the Daisy Pink Surfboard,then click the Starfisf and the Shell and youve got it!


Finally a new pin came out today! It was obviously something to do with sports! It is a Baseball and is located in the Boiler Room!



~ by ali233 on August 31, 2007.

5 Responses to “Finally a Sports Catalogue!”

  1. Lol. There quite cool stuff, huh! I have a question, do you have the first pin? Im guessing you do.

  2. Did you not collect pins? I thought you said you started in Feb ’06. Maybe I was mistaken, sorry.

  3. Hello Ali,
    Are you on at the moment? Are you having a 30,000 hits party?

  4. hey ali well can u add me to ur blogroll, i am mohd 222 with papercuter misspunk’s sis, our site is, ill add u ok waddle on dude!

  5. hey ali 233 check out my animations at and if u want i can make u some animations plz plz
    ~Race Guy

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