Hey everyone i am now back in England! But im a bit upset as i have to go back to school next Wednesday! Also the New newspaper came out today! It has some veey interesting articles! I like the Sports Shop article! They are Re-releaseing some Sports items with some new ones! Here is the list of events!



~ by ali233 on August 30, 2007.

4 Responses to “Home,Sweet,Home!”

  1. Yay! Your back, I hope you enjoyed your holiday’s! School? Thanks for all the comforting comments when I was going into my first day, I am now almost 2 weeks in! Hope you enjoy… year 9? Sorry, here in scotland they use S1 = year 7 And That’s what I’m in, so youd be going into year 9, Correct? Almost 30,000 hits, too! I hope I can see you on club penguin more now, you haven’t been on for AGES

    My site is updated, I was wondering if you wanted to be an Admin?


  2. Hey ali!

    im papercuter sis!
    could u add me to ur bloggroll??


  3. wow i cant belive it but, ali, im finding someone elses blog to like! u havent posted in days!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. heyy havent talked in a while e mail me k?

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