Party Sneak Peek and Newspaper!

Hey everyone! Billlybob has released a Sneak Peek Picture of the Upcoming Camp Penguin party! Here it is:


It is located in the Forest and i think it might be the mess hall! Also the New Newspaper came out today with some interesting articles! It talks about the Campin Party how it only runs for a weekend! Secondly it talks about the Sports Shop Upgrade! They expect it to be finished at the end of August! no one knows what it is! Lastly it talks about the Boxes Rockhopper left in the Lighthouse! He is returning in September so you can open them then!  Here is the list of Upcoming events:


Also i forgot to tell you, my 2nd penguin finally met Rockhopper! He stumble upon Alec233 while i was getting the items! Here are some pics: rh-2.png rh-3.png


~ by ali233 on August 23, 2007.

2 Responses to “Party Sneak Peek and Newspaper!”

  1. cool

  2. I thought the Food Place was going to be at the forest too! But It’s actually at the dock. Also, the pizza place is the mess hall 🙂

    Shout out to Rockhopper!! THANKS FOR TA PREZZIES! MWAH.

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