Cricket Busy!

Sorry guys i have been busy with all of my cricket! Not much is really going on in Club Penguin right now! I am proud to announce i have reached 20,000 hits! Its been fun! I also what to post a funny picture which i took a while ago but forgot to post it!


Me and some other penguins were trying to put the snow back on the Avalanche hit mountain!


~ by ali233 on August 6, 2007.

9 Responses to “Cricket Busy!”

  1. Cool! hey u should throw an igloo party for every one to go to!

  2. whats cricket?

  3. Cricket is the best sport in the world! I might have a party!

  4. Umm. Ali. Can I ask what’s so funny. I am a bit… “Dim” after my long flight so Please tell me!

  5. Look at the avalanche! Im trying to put the snow back!

  6. Oh. I saw that bit but I really am too kinda jet-lagged! Please go on my meebo I need to talk to you!

  7. Ali233: Do you want to become a ModRater?

  8. Maybe?

  9. Do’h!

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