Email to CP!

Hey there! I recently wrote an email to Club Penguin to congratulate them about their deal with Disney and Lane Merrifield! Here is what i wrote:

Hey there! Congratulations on the deal you made with  Disney! I hope
this makes Club Penguin even better in the future! Although i recently
saw a photo of Lane Merrifield holding a Penguin Teddy! I think they are
really cool and you should sell them on the Official shop! also does
Lane have his own penguin? Is it possibly BillyBob? Finally please please
could you make a Mickey Ears as a Hat Item for our penguins! Everyone
really wants one! Best of luck for the future! Alec 

Here is their response:


Thanks, we appreciate your support in the decisions we’ve made. We’re
very excited about the prospects that Disney has opened for us. It would
be really cool to have a plush penguin, wouldn’t it? We’ll have to
see, as we are not allowed to discuss upcoming merchandise. Of course Lane
has his own penguin, but just like all of us here at Club Penguin, his
penguin name must remain a secret. 

A Mickey Ears hat would be pretty funny-looking on a penguin, so I’ll
make sure I pass that idea along. We hope you continue to enjoy your
time on Club Penguin. Please let us know if you have any other questions
or suggestions. 

Have a great day!

Club Penguin Support

P.S This is also featured on the CP Emails Page!


~ by ali233 on August 4, 2007.

5 Responses to “Email to CP!”

  1. Are you going to have a 20,000 hits party?!

  2. Lol! I am your 19,999th visitor!

  3. Sorry im busy!

  4. Ok!

  5. make a new post plz i check out this site alot so yea you get it

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