Disney Club Penguin and Newspaper!

Hey everyone! Club Penguin has now announced it has joined with Walt Disney! Club Penguin should stay the same but they are going to put different languages in so everyone can understand it! Also BillyBob said they might have some cool mickey gear for your penguins!

disney-news.gif disney-news.png 

To find out more go to Whats New on the Club Penguin site or click Disney News to read a letter from Club Penguin! In other news the new newspaper came out today! It announces the winners of the Igloo Contest! Also it talks about shutting down the Ski Hill because it  might get affected by the Avalanche! And finallly there is going to be an outfit contest!


I hope i will win!


~ by ali233 on August 2, 2007.

5 Responses to “Disney Club Penguin and Newspaper!”

  1. You’ll probaly win, you’ve been a penguin since Jan ’06! But It’s a camping theme, Have they had that before?

  2. um most likley you wont win!

  3. oh and DUH! u idiot!

  4. Duh? Yea, and Im the idiot!

  5. Hey Ali233,
    I have made the new CP Catalouge secrets and Pin pictures on my site & you can copy them to save the trouble!

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