Aguairs CP News,Cheats and Pics!

Hey everyone! I am just writing to say go to Aguairs CP site! It is a really brilliant site for CP tips and info! He helps a lot of people and posts about new things as quick as possible!He also holds these really cool competitions and to enter you need a riddle! I really enjoy going on this site and im sure you will as well! Here is a little preview of his site: (Click To Enlarge)


Aguair is a really fun person to meet on CP! He is really nice to you and thats why he is one of my best friends! He also has another site which is not related to CP, it is called Rating Central! You can review Games,Music,Books and other things! It is really fun to read other people views on other things! Here is the link To get to his CP site it is on my Blogroll or click on this link  Thanks for your time everyone!



~ by ali233 on July 31, 2007.

5 Responses to “Aguairs CP News,Cheats and Pics!”

  1. Yay! THanks Ali233! You are a brilliant friend! I am so annoyed though, because I dont know how to help you, I have only 2,000 hits! any Ideas, because I really want to repay the favour!

  2. Hey Ali233,
    Since I have reached my goal of 2,000 hits, I had planned to make 5 new funny pictures, and I had made 1. Can you please rate it, even though it’s not Rating Central!

  3. Ok will do!

  4. Thanks!

  5. Hey go on to see ANOTHER sneak peak at mission 4!

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