I met Rockhopper For 3rd time!

Wohoo! I met Rockhopper again! I was seraching for him as he now gives away a new free item:the Rockhopper Background! Here he is on the Iceberg!rockhopper-for-3rd-time.png 

And here is me with the New Background:


I have heard a lot of people asking penguins where they got it from and the answer is simple! I also heard penguins saying it is their favourite background! Its certainly mine!


When you log in type in his name and anything as his pass and press enter. If it says he is banned that means he is not on. But if it says incorrect password that means he is logged in! Trust me it works! Thats how i know when to find him and i did!

2 Rockhoppers(Edit)

Look I made an edit! It is my first and doesnt look perfect but its alright!



~ by ali233 on July 30, 2007.

14 Responses to “I met Rockhopper For 3rd time!”

  1. i havent met him,i have a question about knowing when hes on.even though he’s on which server would u go on.or is he on all servers?

  2. PLZ REPLY!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Thats a really good edit!

  4. Thanks Auguair and Rockhopper is only on one server at a time as he is a normal penguin controlled by a real person!

  5. I know! I think he is controlled by billybob! What do you think, Ali? What server did you see him on?

  6. i cant find em uhhhhh i just cant do it

  7. i got him right now he is under the server Yeti

  8. What server now?

  9. um hi ive never met rockhopper

  10. i’ve met rockhopper before and when i have my background on everhone always asks me where he is. i mean how can i know that at the exact time? and i tell these ppl i have NO idea where he is and they just make faces at me. ITS SO FRUSTRATING.

  11. rockhopper i can never find u next time put up a sighn that no one ever had soo we can meat u

  12. wait, if we know rockhopper is playing how do you know what server

  13. i met him too! just today. he is on blizzard at the snow forts!

  14. I have met him 3 times to,in fact I met him today!

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