New Pin, Catalouge and Free Item!

Hi penguins! Today CP has done quite a few things for you! Firstly we have the New Pin! It is one of my faves! It is a Cart which is located in the Pizza Parlour!cart-pin.png 

A new free item has been released due to the exstension of the Water Party! It is the Blue Water Wings which are similar to the Rare Yellow ones! It works with both of the Green and Yellow Ducks! It is located in the Plaza!


There are 2 new Igloo and Furiniture catatlogues today! The Furniture one is quite dull but i like the inflatable furniture! Also the New Fish Bowl Igloo i really like!furiniture-catlougue.pngigloo.png


~ by ali233 on July 20, 2007.

2 Responses to “New Pin, Catalouge and Free Item!”

  1. Wow 😯


    well anyway i got all of them :mrgreen:

    ~pap :mrgreen: ~

  2. vote Wopa Khan At

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