Water Party!


Hello Penguins! The new Water Party is one of my favourites!Its certainly the best decorated! My favourite room is the Ice Rink! Also i love the Dock! Here are some of the best rooms:


The new water bomb throwing is the best this is how you do it:

step-1.png step-2.pngstep-3.png

Step 1                    Step 2                      Step 3 

There is only 1 free item(ohhh) It is the Umbrella Hat and is located in the Coffee Shop!


There seems to be a glitch with the new hat! If you walk south with your penguin, it turns blue! If you take the hat off and walk south it would be normal!



~ by ali233 on July 13, 2007.

One Response to “Water Party!”

  1. i love these pics!!!!!!lolz omg!!!!!!!Ali 233 you rule!!!!!OMG!!!!

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