New Poll and Copycat!

Hey everyone there is a new poll in Club Penguin! It asks you about your fave game out of 4 choices! My fave is Pizzatron3000! I am also a bit mad right now because Tarheelguy14 copied my CP timeline to post it on his site! I absolutely hate him and words were exchanged! So all of my fans dont go on his site!


~ by ali233 on July 4, 2007.

4 Responses to “New Poll and Copycat!”

  1. i hate copycats. Anyway i am not going on his site! Meet on Deep Freeze at 10:00 pm On the 4th (today)?

  2. wow your site is cool and that ugly penguin should be ashamed of himself you obviously rule more than him jeez wot a c ruel world lol!

  3. Do you want to meet sometime on Club Penguin?

  4. Meet on CP at the ice rink on deep freeze now?

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