Once and for all i would like to clear something up for you all! The Moderators of CP are not banned! They use this as a cover so no one will be able to use it! To be able to log in as them you need their I.P. address and you must be using their computers which they use! They cant be banned otherwise they cant play! They also have no passwords because if you type in absolutely anything in the log in page it will say its banned! I hope you understand now!


~ by ali233 on June 18, 2007.

3 Responses to “The MODS!”

  1. lol ive been sayin that to ppl too.
    check out , im an admin there and ill ask wadles to add u to the blogroll if u want to add him.

  2. Hi my charecter is jennadeve! : )

  3. : )

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