Summer Party!

The start of the Summer Party is wicked! There are only 2 Free Gifts so Far which are the Blue Lei and the Ice Cream Apron! The Room Decorations are brilliant as well and my prediction was right about the Lighthouse being a Palm Tree! Always check this post on More free items and other things!

Decorated Rooms


Free Gifts

Blue Lei-Located at the Ski Village

Ice Cream Apron-Located in the Forest

Green Inflatable Duck-Located in the Cove!( I predicted it would be in another colour)

Green Sunglasses- Located in the Night Club ( I thought they would release a pair in another colour)

Flower Headdress- Located at the Beach ( I knew this was comin as its in the pic in last weeks newspaper!)


~ by ali233 on June 8, 2007.

3 Responses to “Summer Party!”

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