Summer Sneak Peek


In todays newspaper there are many pictures about this Summer! Many people think that the picture is a new Igloo Design but it really is the Lighthouse which has been decorated!  

Many people have different ideas on what ideas what each picture on this picture above means. I have my own ideas:

Game Updates: They probably will add more stuff to Catchin waves  like more levels and different surfboards!

Parties: Obviously we have the Summer Party coming but we will have more this Summer! I think the Sports Party might return!

Free Items: The Yellow Duck and Arm Bands might make a return. Also Rockhopper is coming as he is due and will give away a free item!

New Adventures: Maybe there will be a new Secret Agents Mission where a surfer gets lost or another Treasure Hunt!

Water Fight: I think maybe Club Penguin are going to make a new Action or Special Dance Item where you throw a Water Bomb at someone like in the picture!

Also i would like to add there is a picture of a penguin putting up a tent so maybe that could be a new item, party or Igloo Design.


~ by ali233 on June 7, 2007.

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