Club Penguin Timeline!

I have created a new page! Its a cool and useful Timeline of Club Penguin of all of the parties and Rockhopper Arrivals! Go and have a look! 🙂


~ by ali233 on June 2, 2007.

6 Responses to “Club Penguin Timeline!”

  1. hi people!

  2. i love clubpenguin! it rocks i am a member !and i go on subzero all the time so if you want to see me i go o nthis site all the time so give me your penguin name, and then i can see you and be your buddie!ok good see ya!

  3. Hey ill meet up with you on Subzero my penguin name is Ali 233 obviously and would like to be your buddy!

  4. ok I’d love to check out the new site the clubpenguin timeline but where do i go to look!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Its not a different site its a page on this site! You can find it on the side at the top!

  6. heyy

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