Club Penguin Soundtrack!!


Download this really cool Club Penguin Soundtrack that i found at a Cp Fansite which is they are really cool songs straight from CP. It is free and brilliant! Although no music from the member party at the cove but they might add it in the future!


~ by ali233 on May 31, 2007.

40 Responses to “Club Penguin Soundtrack!!”

  1. good

  2. I downloaded it ^^ It’s good! In fact, I made a CD out of it with a CD Program on my computer.

  3. Great! I want to put it on my fansite!

  4. How do you download it? 😦 I can’t figur eit out. Is it on here or what?

  5. i wanna download it but i cant

  6. its awesome

  7. You dont have to download clubpenguin

  8. Oh nevermind

  9. This is awesome, I’m adding a link to my website. Kudos to whoever made it!

  10. wow why do they have a soundtrack theres like no words so whats the point? My penguins name is TisdaleFan22

  11. I waiting for it YEARS! I love you! Just kidding! I love this album!

  12. I am a famous penguin, Bubbles3155 And i used to have Pink Mafias on my buddy list but she quit and fire admrial! i was like! YAY! but my wordpress doesnt work anymore! GRRRRRRRRRR!

  13. this is a cool site. Ragus


  15. I am on the Miniclip forums there… must say this is indeed cool!

  16. u can also find this soundtrack on wikipedia

  17. clubpenguin is awsome i know cause to tell you
    to truth i made clubpenguin

  18. teddypow ia my named and you can find my on third flag sherbet

  19. uhhh i do not get it wat 4

  20. Lol. >;] Check out myh site. Hope u like it.

  21. wow amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-)

  22. CHECK MY SITE IT RULES!!!!!!!!!!

  23. yo yo yo

  24. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 😦 😦 😦 😦

  25. sad sad i done even no how to do that or what it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Does it have words to it?If not I want it

  27. you don`t have download it

  28. This is my 2nd year at CP. I am really looking foward to the
    St. Patty’s day party!!! I LOVE the hats you had last year, and
    the year before that, but try to think of something different!
    I”M BEGGING YOU!!!!!!!!

  29. nice

  30. What is this supposed to be???? i don’t get it, and if you don’t tell me until tomorrow, i’m going to call my father who’s a cop!!

  31. cool anyone who knows how to download it post the link thanks 😉

  32. Hello! please go to my site!!! I need suggestions on how to work it! please send in a comment!

  33. I dont mind about this pic!

  34. what is the point of this website anyway???????????????????????????????????????????????????

  35. hey everyone i need some links for my link page so please come to and go on the your links page comment your sites name and i will put it up there and rate it!
    -Pinkey2we :mrgreen:


  37. i downloaded it it is so awesome!

  38. dude where can i find the CP CD?

  39. hey guys have already heard about club penguin its so cool guys!!

  40. i hate it i libe viva la vide by coldplay its the best song in the world!!!! sry but i really dont like clubpenguin =)

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