Captain of my own Ship



~ by ali233 on April 28, 2007.

12 Responses to “Captain of my own Ship”

  1. iam a pairet

  2. iam pirat. i love pirats. i am big fen of clubpenguin

  3. i am a pirat. thats why i want my own ship

  4. i want a ship

  5. hyuooigol

  6. hyuooigolhu hyooigolhudk,

  7. i want a ship. PLEASE


  9. Its not really my ship its Rockhoppers

  10. When Rockhopper comes wait until his Ship is empty and Pretend its your own ship and take photos or do whatever!

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    godhead concurrently penal

  12. dvnicl nicurok qtpd roxwflna eyqrpuowt xbay jaos

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