My C.P. Book Room Writing Contest Story Entry

The Legend of the Club Penguin Ness Monster

It was one big stormy night and the Migrator was heading North for Club Penguin. The penguins were anticipating for Rockhoppers return once again. Rockhopper was returning to Club penguin on March 9th but little did he know what he was going to come across on his journey.

Rockhopper was sitting on the deck playing with his pet puflle Yarr and whistling to the tune of The Penguin Bands hit song. “oh Yarr, arent the penguins ever going to be surprised with whati have got for them. I just know thay are going to love these boots and pirate shirts” he said with excitement. The thunderstorms boomed in the midnight sky and it started to rain heavily over the dark foggy mist of the Club penguin Oceans. “ Oh no! I hope the migrator will not get destroyed again in another storm!” Rockhopper cried with out to Yarr who ran back down to the lower deck. Then suddenly, the boat started to toss and turn more than ever. Then out of nowhere a big green tentacle splattered on the  upper deck of the Migrator. Something was in the waters. “ What is happening?” Rockhopper whispered shivering in his captain boots. He rushed over to the port side of his ship where the thing  was at  and got his scope out to get a closer look at the thing. But all he could see was a big black thing in the water. “ come out whatever you are! “ boomed Rockhopper who was still shivering in his boots. Suddenly the things head rose out of the water to reveal itself as a bright slimy green snake monster. The thunderstorms still cracked overhead in the dark skies. Rockhopper stood still as a statue and was speechless . He then quickly ran for his camera which he received as a Christmas present from Aunt Artic and took a picture of the monster before it swam away.

 Then before you knew it  was morning and the sun had come out and the monster was long gone. Rockhopper quickly got out his journal to record the nights events but then didn’t want the other penguins on the island to be scared when they read it. So he decided to keep it a secret and didn’t even tell Yarr who was sleeping like a log. He later decided to call the thing the “ Club Penguin Ness Monster” which would be kept a secret from everyone else. Rockhopper went down to check all the items were in place for the penguins and found  the Swords he was going to give them were missing. “Oh not again! What am I going to give them now?” shouted Rockhopper. The Migrator was heading straight for Club Penguin and he could not let the penguins down. He then looked at the ghastly pictures of the monster he took the night before. “ I know! I can turn these into card player backgrounds for the penguins!” He did this and finally arrived back at Club Penguin much ot the excitement of the penguins. But still the Club Penguin Monster was still roaming the shores of the Club Penguin Oceans. THE END. By Ali 233


~ by ali233 on April 20, 2007.

2 Responses to “My C.P. Book Room Writing Contest Story Entry”

  1. when the rockhoppers going time on may 5th

  2. oh……………

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